Mark 11:27-33 – The Question of Jesus Authority

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Mark 11:28

  1. Israel’s top religious leader comes to Jesus and asks these two questions.
    1. Jesus was not out to debate theology with the religious leaders, he was out to tell the people the good news.
  2. The religious leaders had seen and heard about the miracle of Jesus, but they accused Jesus of being led by Satan (Matthew 12:24).

Mark 11:30

  1. Jesus answers with a question. The religious leaders don’t want to answer Jesus’ question because then they will have to admit that they didn’t receive John the Baptist as God’s messenger.
  2. By asking this counter-question, Jesus indirectly answers that his authority comes from God, just like John the Baptist.
  3. Unfortunately, a recurring theme was that Israel did not receive the prophets that God sent them (Mark 12:1-12).
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