Mark 12:35-37 – Is the Messiah the Son of David?

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Mark 12:36

  1. Jesus is quoting Psalm 110:1, the most quoted verse from the OT in the NT.
  2. Just before his death, Stephen saw Jesus at God’s right hand in heaven (Acts 7:54-56).
  3. Paul teaches more about Jesus’ enemies in 1 Corinthians 15:23-28.

Mark 12:37

  1. In his humanity, Jesus is a descendant of David (Matthew 1:1) but in his divinity, Jesus has existed since before time (Micah 5:2, John 8:58) and everything (including David) came into being through him (John 1:3).
    1. According to the Book of Revelation, Jesus is at the same time the root of David and the descendant of David (Rev 22:16).
    1. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus is both God (John 1:1) and man (John 1:14).
    1. According to the book of Romans, Jesus is in his human nature from the lineage of David and by the Spirit of holiness proved to be the Son of God (Rom 1:3-4).
  2. The scribes could not answer Jesus’ question because their understanding of the Messiah was limited. They knew that the Messiah would be David’s son but they did not understand this to mean that he was also David’s Lord.
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