Mark 2:13-14 – Levi

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Mark 2:14

  1. Levi also goes by another, better known name: Matthew (Mt 9:9).
    a) This Levi is the author of the Gospel of Matthew.
  2. Levi was a Jewish “tax collector” who collected taxes from the Jewish people for the Roman authorities.
    a) If the customs officer collected more money than the tax demanded by the Romans, he could keep the money for himself. As a result, many customs officers were despised as greedy traitors who had gone over to the Roman side.
  3. It is very likely that this Levi has taken treasure from Peter, John and the other disciples who lived in Capernaum.
    a) It must have been a tense moment when they greeted each other for the first time as common disciples of Jesus.
  4. Although everyone despised Levi, Jesus did not.
    a) No matter what your background, you can always start over and follow Jesus.
    b) No matter how terrible you have been as a human being, God is always willing to forgive immediately and move on.
    c) As soon as Levi gets the chance to leave his greedy and despised life, he takes it.
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