Mark 3:20-30 – Blasphemy

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Mark 3:21

  1. When Jesus lived in Nazareth, he behaved like any other human being, and when his relatives hear that he performs miracles and does not eat, they think he has gone mad.

Mark 3:22

  1. “Beelzebub” means “lord of the flies” and is the name of an ancient Canaanite god (2 Kings 1:2), and also another name for Satan.

Mark 3:23

  1. The scribes believed that Jesus cast out demons with the help of the prince of demons, “Satan”.
  2. Jesus responds in parables, saying that it is absurd that Satan would cast out his own demons.
    1. If that were the case, Satan’s kingdom would be shattered and his power would soon be at an end.
  3. If you compare it to a war, you can’t start looting until the enemy is defeated.
    1. Jesus will defeat Satan on the cross.

Mark 3:28

  1. All people who come to God and ask for forgiveness will receive it, there are no limits.
    1. The only excuse for God’s forgiveness is if you voluntarily renounce it after you have seen the power of God, understand that it is God, but still do not want to believe.
    1. The scribes had seen the power of God, but still would not accept that Jesus was from God.
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