Christian Mölk’s Bible Commentaries as Logos Personal Book

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Feel free to download and use my Bible Commentaries. They are translated from Swedish to English using DeepL and may therefore contain some inaccuracies. Please notify me if you find any. Word-document Book Cover Instructions: Open Logos Bible Software Go to Tools > Personal Books Click Add book Title: Christian Mölk’s Bible Commentaries Author: Christian Mölk Copyright message and Description: Copyright 2022 …

What Are the Names of God in the Bible?

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By far the most common name for God in the Bible is ”YHWH” (יהוה) (pronounced “Yahweh”). The name occurs about 6000 times and is usually translated as “Lord” or “LORD” in English translations of the Bible. In the New Testament, YHWH corresponds to the Greek word “Kyrios” (κύριος), which is translated as “Lord”. The second most common name for God …

Logos 10

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Logos 10 is now released! In this blog post I write about some news and provide you with a discount link. 15% discount for new Logos customers and 30% discount for upgraders if you use this link: Logos 10. News in Logos 10 With the launch of Logos 10, Faithlife wants to go back to the basics of what it …

Two Taliban Beat up a Christian Convert in Kabul

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This is a video showing two talibans in Kabul attacking and beating a Christian convert who was baptized in Sweden in 2014 and deported to Afghanistan by Denmark in 2021. Someone had revealed to the Taliban that he is a Christian. What is said on the video is, among other things: “Are you Muslim?” He answers: “No.” Then they call …

How Do You Become a Christian?

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1. Created in the image of God God originally created man in his “image”. God wants to have a loving fellowship with us, and initially man had a peaceful existence in Paradise. But when man was tempted by the Devil to sin, and fell to temptation, sin entered the world and became a tragic part of humanity, resulting in death, …

Unfailing Love

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New song written by me: Unfailing Love. Lyrics from Psalm 33:22. Unfailing loveI put my hope in You “May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.” (Ps 33:22)

Swedish Migration Agency’s Bizarre Questions to Christian Converts

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In 2015, 41,000 asylum-seeking Afghans came to Sweden. Many Christians opened their homes and churches and welcomed the asylum seekers with open arms. Many asylum seekers saw the love of the Christians, and they became part of the Christian community. In their desperate situation and dream of a new and better life far from war and poverty, they sought Jesus …

Converting to Christianity in Nepal

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Converting to Christianity in Nepal – A Qualitative Study of What It Means for a Hindu-Nepalese to Convert to Christianity in the Context of Social Meaning and Legal Conditions in Nepal. This is the thesis that I wrote for my Bachelor of Theology at Örebro School of Theology. Click the link above to read or right-click to download. You need Adobe Reader in …