Friend of Strangers

Friend of Strangers is a Bible study on what the Bible says about strangers, refugees and immigrants.


1. Created as a Migrant
2. Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
3. Lest We Be Scattered
4. From Stranger to Guest
5. Strangers in the Promised Land
6. I Will Go With You
7. Strangers in a Country That Is Not Theirs

8. Stranger in a Foreign Land
9. God’s Salvation
10. The Stranger Within Israel
11. Your People Are My People
12. The Stranger, the Widow and the Fatherless
13. The Stranger Outside of Israel
14. Preaching to the Enemy
15. Cave of Adullam
16. Ittai’s Loyalty
17. Raise Your Voice for the Mute
18. Israel Violates the Covenant
19. But There Is a God in Heaven

20. Flee to Egypt
21. The Lord’s Supper
22. The Syrophoenician Woman
23. The Samaritan Woman
24. Love Your Brother
25. Love Your Neighbor
26. Love Your Enemy
27. The Dividing Wall

28. Neither Jew nor Greek
29. Integration in the First Church
30. The Xenophile Church Leader
31. Pentecost
32. To All Nations



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