Bible Talks

Here you will find over 80 different Bible topics to discuss in your home group, cell group, prayer group, Bible study group, or house church. All Bible Talks can be easily accessed on your phone by scanning the QR code with your camera.

First, the leader reads the introduction, then the others read a Bible word each and then you talk together based on the study questions. You will notice that the Holy Spirit will join you in the conversation. Finally, you pray together for what you have talked about and all your whishes and needs.

1. God

a. God the Creator
b. God’s Names and Titles
c. The Work of God
d. The Knowledge of God
e. Prophecy
f. The Trinity
g. The Word of God

2. Jesus Christ

a. The Son of God
b. Jesus Name and Titles
c. The Life of Jesus
d. The Kingdom of God
e. The Good News
f. The Cross
g. The Resurrection of Jesus

3. The Holy Spirit

a. The Spirit of God
b. Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit
c. Personality of the Holy Spirit
d. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
e. Gifts of the Spirit
f. Speaking in Tongues
g. Healing
h. Fruit of the Spirit

4. Creation

a. Paradise and the Fall
b. The Fallen World
c. Angels
d. Demons
e. The New Creation

5. Man

a. The Image of God
b. The Name of Man
c. Marriage
d. Family
e. Death

6. Salvation

a. Sin
b. Repentance
c. Salvation
d. Righteousness
e. Grace
f. Covenant

7. The Christian Life

a. Love
b. Faith
c. In Christ
d. Discipleship
e. Prayer
f. Fasting
g. Worship
h. Sanctification
i. Evangelism
j. Spiritual Warfare
k. Bible Study
l. Suffering
m. Persecution
n. Pacifism

8. The People of God

a. The Church
b. The Different Names of the Church
c. The Free Church
d. The Body of Christ
e. The People of God in the Old Testament
f. The Religion of Israel
g. Jews and Gentiles
h. Christian Leadership
i. The Twelve Apostles
j. Church Ministry
k. Women Church Leaders
l. Baptism
m. The Christian Fellowship
n. Christian Unity
o. The Lord’s Supper
p. Mission
q. Tithes
r. War
s. Alcohol

9. The End Times

a. The Latter Days
b. Signs of the Times
c. Apostasy
d. Heresy
e. Antichrist
f. The Second Coming of Jesus
g. The Resurrection
h. The Millennial Kingdom
i. The Day of the Lord
j. Judgment Day
k. Hell
l. Heaven

Scripture quotations are from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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