1 Sam 10:17-27 – Saul Proclaimed King

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1Sam 10:24

  1. Saul was chosen, anointed, confirmed and endowed with the Holy Spirit. Now he is also finally made public.
    1. Saul demonstrates a healthy approach to leadership. Saul is in hiding and does not really aspire to the royal office. It is good that Saul does not put himself forward but waits for God to make him public.
    2. Similarly, we may not aspire to a nice job in the church, but if God wants to lift us up, we should accept the challenge.
  2. How many, chosen by God, are “hiding among the faithful”? What if there are many men and women of God whom God has chosen and equipped for a fine task, but who never get the chance to serve God because too many whom God has not chosen elbow their way in and snatch up the fine tasks in the church?
    1. Saul was a handsome and stately young man who “looked” like a king. When choosing leaders in the church, it is important to look at the spiritual attributes. Perhaps there are excellent spiritual leaders “hidden among the faith”.
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