1 Thess 3:6-13 – The Apostle’s Joy at the Thessalonians’ Faith

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1 Thess 3:6

  1. Paul’s concerns are allayed when Timothy returns with good news that the gospel, the good news, has taken root in the Thessalonians’ faith.
  2. “Believing” in Jesus and having “love” for your fellow man pretty much sums up what the Good News is all about.
  3. The fact that the Thessalonians long to meet Paul shows that they have not bought into the false rumors spread by Paul’s enemies.

1 Thess 3:7

  1. Paul was in Corinth when he wrote this letter to the Thessalonians (Acts 18:1). Even in Corinth, Paul had to endure much suffering, but it was made easier when he learned that the faith of the Thessalonians was in good shape.

1 Thess 3:10

  1. Although Paul was very pleased with the stability and strength of the Thessalonians’ faith, he still wanted to correct any shortcomings. From this we can learn that no matter how far we have come in our faith, there is always something to work on and we should always strive to get closer to God.
  2. It is quite possible that Paul was so worried about the church in Thessalonica that he stayed awake at night. If so, he took the opportunity to pray for the Thessalonians.

1 Thess 3:11

  1. Here Paul opens up a little insight into how he used to formulate his prayers.
  2. Paul prays to the Father and to Jesus as if they were one and the same person. In fact, the Father and the Son have such a unity that they are one (John 10:30), and what you ask the Son to do, the Father will do (John 15:16).

1 Thess 3:12

  1. The second thing that Paul asks is that Jesus will make the Thessalonians’ love for their fellow men grow.
  2. Love for God and for one’s fellow man is fundamental for a Christian (Matthew 22:37-40).
    1. Jesus even said that if we Christians have love for one another, everyone will know that we are Jesus’ disciples (John 13:35).

1 Thess 3:13

  1. To be “holy” means to be “consecrated” to something. In this context, it means that the Thessalonians separate their behavior from the rest of the city of Thessalonica and all its sin, and instead devote their lives to loving God and loving all their fellow human beings.
  2. It is easier to focus on living holy if you are aware that Jesus can come back at any time (1 Thessalonians 5:2).
  3. The “saints” who will come with Jesus are probably the believers who arise when Jesus returns (1 Thess 4:16), but it could also refer to angels.
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