Judges 6:36-40 – The Sign of the Fleece

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Jdg 6:36

  1. Gideon asks God for another sign that God is with him.
  2. It is easy to understand that Gideon wanted a confirmation of his calling, but this is the second time he has asked for a sign. This shows us that Gideon’s faith is still weak and that he was also longing.
  3. It’s not wrong to ask God for confirmation if you get a big assignment or if you’re facing a big new step, but it can be wrong to do what Gideon did here.
    1. If it’s something you don’t want to do, then you make up something completely illogical for God to do:
      1. “If someone deposits 322 000 SEK in my account tomorrow at 13.00 then I know that it is your will God”. “You can do it God… Nothing is impossible for you”.
    1. And if it’s something you want to do, then you find something easy that God will do:
      1. “When I drive to Stockholm on Thursday, a red car will overtake me, then I know that it is your will God”.
  4. Gideon’s mission was great and God was merciful to Gideon.
    1. Remember that Gideon was a poor, simple man with low self-esteem who was called by God to lead an army in a war that was about the survival of the nation.
    1. Even if Gideon had a weak faith, it is still better than having no faith at all.
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