Mark 10:32-34 – Jesus Speaks a Third Time About His Suffering

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Mark 10:32

  1. Jesus knew that he would die in Jerusalem, yet he courageously and unceasingly continued his mission, even “going ahead” (Mark 14:1).
  2. Even if the disciples did not understand Jesus’ mission 100%, they understood that something big was going on. They also knew that there were many who wanted to kill Jesus and so they were afraid as they approached Jerusalem.
    1. Even though the world around us seems to be falling apart, there is no safer place than near Jesus. The disciples were afraid, but they continued to follow Jesus.
  3. So that Jesus’ death would not come as a surprise to the disciples, Jesus once again prepares them for what is about to happen.
  4. The disciples, as well as the rest of the people, had a wrong preconception and thought that the Messiah would be a powerful king who liberates Israel in a worldly way.
    1. However, the disciples and the people should have known that Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah will suffer and die for the sake of the people (Is 53).
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