Mark 12:41-44 – The Widow’s Offering

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Mark 12:42

  1. The “poor widow” is a sharp contrast to the aforementioned scribes. Perhaps she was poor precisely because a scribe had eaten her out of house and home?
  2. The poor widow had two coins and could in good conscience have chosen to spend half of what she had, but she gave all of what she had.

Mark 12:44

  1. It’s not how much money we give that matters, but why we give. From this we can learn that God is not in need of our money but wants our hearts instead. God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).
  2. If you give away your abundance, there is a risk that you won’t care much about the money because it is so small in relative terms. For example, David refused to offer to God anything he had received for free (2 Sam 24:24).
  3. Jesus has the power to turn the little we give to God into something enormous that is more than enough to last (Mark 6:35-44).
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