Mark 14:12-21 – The Passover With the Disciples

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Mark 14:12

  1. The Passover celebration began with a Passover meal on the 14th day of the month Nisan and continued with a week-long celebration of the “Feast of Unleavened Bread”.
    1. The Passover meal contained many symbolic dishes:
      1. Bitter herbs symbolise the bitterness of slavery.
      1. Salt water symbolises the tears of the people.
      1. The lamb symbolizes that God passed by and spared the homes that had the blood of the lamb strewn on their doorposts.
  2. Probably this was Thursday evening and began Jesus’ Passion Week.
    1. There is some uncertainty about the exact days of the Passion Week, which could be due to the different calendars and time systems of Jesus’ time. For example, the Romans’ new day started at midnight while the Jews’ new day started in the evening.

Mark 14:13

  1. Only women carried water in pots, men usually carried it in leather sacks, so it was easy for the disciples to recognize him without having to ask around.
    1. The religious leadership had given orders that whoever knew where Jesus was must reveal it so they could arrest him (John 11:57).
    1. Jesus knew that Judas would betray him, so he did not want to reveal his position until he had the opportunity to eat this meal with the disciples.

Mark 14:18

  1. When a word of judgment is conveyed, there is always a chance for repentance before the words become reality (Jon 3:10). Unfortunately, however, Judas chose to follow through on his intention to betray Jesus.
  2. By eating with Judas, Jesus shows that he considers Judas a friend and by warning Judas, Jesus gives him an opportunity to repent.

Mark 14:21

  1. That Jesus would die is written down in the Scriptures in several places (Ps 22, Isa 53).
  2. That a friend would betray Jesus is recorded in Ps 41:10.
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