Mark 14:66-72 – Peter Denies Jesus

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Mark 14:70-71

  1. It was brave of Peter to follow Jesus from a distance, but at the same time it is never a good idea to follow Jesus from a distance, because then one can easily fall when difficulties come.
  2. Peter swears that he does not know Jesus, trying to convince his accusers that God will punish him if he does not tell the truth.
  3. Peter has probably told himself that it is okay to lie and deny, because he is spying. But the end does not justify the means, as he will soon find out.

Mark 14:72

  1. Like Judas, Peter denied Jesus, but the difference between the two apostles was that Peter gave his life to Jesus and was restored (John 21:15-19) while Judas took his life (Matthew 27:3-10, Acts 1:18).
    1. The fact that both Peter and Judas fell means that all people can fall and that it is then a matter of repenting and receiving Jesus’ forgiveness and restoration.
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