Mark 15:42-47 – Jesus Is Buried

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Mark 15:42-43

  1. Joseph was a member of the Great Council, the Sanhedrin, but had not agreed to kill Jesus (Luke 23:51) because he was a disciple of Jesus in secret (John 19:38).
  2. Interestingly, the president of the disciples, the outspoken leader Peter, confesses to everyone that he will never abandon Jesus, but when the heat is on, he flees. Instead, it is the silent and withdrawn disciples who remain at Jesus’ side.
  3. Normally, the Romans used to let the crucified hang on the cross until they rotted or were eaten by animals, but now Pilate allowed Joseph to take Jesus down. Perhaps Pilate felt guilty because he knew that Jesus was really innocent? (John 18:38).
  4. Since the Jews were not allowed to work on the Shabbat, Saturday, they had to fix everything on Friday.
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