Mark 3:13-19 – The Twelve Are Appointed

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Mark 3:13

  1. It is always better to be chosen by God for a task than to appoint oneself to that task.

Mark 3:14

  1. The number twelve is symbolic and corresponds to the twelve tribes of Israel.
    1. Twelve apostles and twelve tribes symbolize “all”.
  2. The word “apostle” means “sent” and is a title that also indicates mission.
  3. A disciple should not only read and study but also practice.
  4. The same mission and authority that Jesus himself had he passes on to his disciples.
    1. Even today, Jesus’ disciples have the power to cast out demons.
  5. When Jesus was born a man, he took on the form of a “servant when he became a man” (Phil 2:6-8), thus making himself voluntarily dependent on his Father to know what he should do (John 5:19) and dependent on the Holy Spirit to do what the Father commanded (Acts 10:38).
    1. Jesus showed his disciples that they too can listen to their Father and they too can do what the Father commands through the power of the Holy Spirit.
    1. Even today we can imitate Jesus by listening to the Father and letting the Holy Spirit perform the miracles the Father wants to do.
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