Mark 3:7-12 – The Crowd on the Beach

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Mark 3:7

  1. Jesus didn’t just want to heal the sick and teach in the synagogues. He also wanted to withdraw with his disciples and teach them even more deeply.
  2. A disciple of Jesus today also needs to withdraw from time to time to be alone with Jesus.
  3. Jesus had certainly made quite an impression on the people of Galilee and beyond.
  4. However, these people were more interested in what Jesus could do for them than who Jesus is.
    1. When Jesus eventually taught them a little more deeply, they left him (John 6:66).

Mark 3:10

  1. This is a fulfillment of what Isaiah prophesied the Messiah would do (Is 53:4).
    1. Jesus knew that when people understand that Jesus is the Messiah, they will want to make him king over Israel and then try to drive out the Roman occupiers (John 6:15).
  2. What the people did not know was that the Messiah will come to earth twice:
    1. The first time he came to earth, he acted as the suffering servant and died on the cross for our sins.
    1. The second time Jesus comes to earth, he will be king and fully establish his kingdom.

Mark 3:12

  1. The unclean spirits understood Jesus’ true identity.
  2. Neither the angels nor the demons are allowed to spread the message of Jesus because that mission has been given to the church (Matthew 28:18-20).
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