Mark 4:24-29 – Listening to the Word of God

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Mark 4:24

  1. A disciple of Jesus should be careful who he listens to; not all preachers teach the whole word of God.
  2. Jesus urged his disciples to flee from false teachers in the same way that sheep flee from an alien shepherd (John 10:5).
    1. A false teacher may look and sound like a real preacher, but when you examine what is being preached, it does not line up with God’s Word. Therefore, a disciple of Jesus needs to always consider what is being preached so that he does not blindly listen to a false teacher.
  3. The one who listens to God’s word with disinterest will lose interest even more, but the one who listens to God’s word with a hunger for more will also receive more.

Mark 4:26

  1. It is the Christian’s task to tell about the kingdom of God, and it is God’s task to make the kingdom grow in a person’s heart.
    1. Life itself is in the seed, not in the soil or in the sowing. It is important for a preacher to trust that God’s word is at work in a person’s heart, without the preacher trying to create life by, for example, manipulating a “spiritual atmosphere” or something similar.
    1. God told Isaiah that his word is like rain falling from the sky; “it does not turn back in vain, but does what I want and carries out my mission” (Isa 55:11).
  2. When God’s word has been allowed to grow, it is the Christian’s task to reap and see the fruit of his work.
    1. If a preacher sees very little harvest, it may be because he simply has to be patient, keep preaching God’s word and let God work.
    2. If a preacher sees very little harvest, it may also be because he is not preaching God’s word, but mostly his own.
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