Mark 8:1-9 – Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

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Mark 8:1

  1. This is the second time that Jesus performs a “food miracle”. The first is described in Mark 6:30-44.
    1. The last feast was among Jews, but this time it is on Gentile territory, signaling Jesus’ intention to spread the kingdom of God among the Gentiles as well.

Mark 8:2

  1. Many people had come from far away and sacrificed a lot to listen to Jesus’ teaching.
  2. Jesus teaches the people about spiritual matters but is also concerned about their physical well-being. A person cannot do without one or the other.
  3. If a person comes to Jesus for spiritual food, Jesus will also give worldly food. Whoever seeks the kingdom of God will also receive all the rest (Matthew 6:33).

Mark 8:4

  1. Jesus knows very well how to solve the food shortage, so Jesus’ statement becomes a test to see if the disciples have learned anything from Jesus in the past.
    1. In the same way, today we should let our past experiences of answering prayer strengthen our faith for what God can do today.
  2. It is very strange that the disciples do not remember that Jesus has previously performed a miracle by turning two loaves of bread and five fish into food for 5,000 men. However, Mark writes in chapter 6: “they had not understood this about the loaves. Their hearts were hard.” (Mark 6:52).

Mark 8:6

  1. Even if the disciples did not have much, Jesus was able to transform their little resources so that there was enough for everyone, and moreover, there was enough left over.
    1. In the same way, today we can give what little we have to God and let him transform it into something great.
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