Mark 8:34-38 – Following Jesus

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Mark 8:34

  1. As followers of Jesus, we are called, in every aspect of our lives, to deny ourselves, no matter what our personal goals in life or our attractions. For our identity is in Christ, not in our family, in our job, in our sexuality, in our nationality, or even in our hockey team.
    1. To deny something is to renounce something. To deny ourselves is thus to renounce our own selfish desires and live for Christ according to God’s will. Our calling as Christians is to live for Christ and to crucify our flesh with all its passions and desires.
    1. For a disciple, nothing must be more important than Jesus, and a disciple must always be ready to leave everything to follow Jesus.
  2. The cross was a cruel Roman method of execution.
    1. Taking up one’s cross and following Jesus means that one has given one’s life to Jesus and that there is no turning back.
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