Mark 9:38-41 – Anyone Not Against Us Is for Us

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Mark 9:38

  1. The disciples had recently failed to drive the evil spirit out of the boy and now they seem annoyed that someone else, who was not in the company of Jesus, has succeeded in doing so.
    1. This anonymous disciple may have been one of John the Baptist’s disciples, or one of the 70 Jesus had sent out earlier (Luke 10:1).
    1. Jesus has just taught about welcoming children in “Jesus’ name”, now the disciples are asking if they did the right thing when they tried to stop a man who was casting out evil spirits in “Jesus’ name”.

Mark 9:39

  1. Being both God and man, Jesus is the mediator between God and man (1 Tim 2:5).
    1. Whoever prays to God should therefore do so in “the name of Jesus” (John 14:13).
      1. However, one does not have to end every prayer with the words “in Jesus’ name” as if it were a magic formula. It is the purpose that counts, not the words.
    1. To pray or do something in “Jesus’ name” means to act as Jesus’ representative and with Jesus’ authority. Similarly, an ambassador can represent a country and say or act in the “name of the country”.

Mark 9:40

  1. Paul heard many preaching about Jesus with wrong motives, but was still glad that they were preaching about Jesus (Phil 1:15-18).
    1. In the same way, disciples should rejoice when demons are cast out in Jesus’ name, even if it is not done by the disciples themselves.
    1. In the same way, today we should be careful to discourage people who may not preach perfectly or do everything 100% right, as long as they preach a biblical Jesus.

Mark 9:41

  1. A glass of water may be the cheapest gift you can give someone, but even this will be remembered by God.
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