Abraham Comes to the Land of Canaan

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5When they came to the land of Canaan, 6Abram passed through the land to the place at Shechem, to the oak of Moreh. At that time the Canaanites were in the land. 7Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.(Ge 12:5b–7)

As soon as Abram arrived in the Promised Land, the Lord appeared to him again and reminded Abram of the promise God had made to him and his descendants.

Following God often means taking one small step at a time. Only when we dare to take the first step does God reveal what the next step will be. As frustrating as it can be, God does not reveal his whole plan to us right away, but lets us take one small step at a time. In this way we become dependent on God and are forced to constantly seek his guidance and will.

In response to God’s revelation, Abram builds an altar. He wants to remember this experience while showing God that he belongs to God and sacrifices only to him.

Do you stand in the same place and wonder why God never calls you to any important mission? Maybe God has spoken to you, but you haven’t yet dared to take your first step of faith? Only when you have, will the Lord show you what you need to do next.


Lord, give me a task and a mission in your kingdom. I want to serve you. Lead me step by step and help me to follow faithfully.

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