Friend of Strangers as Logos Personal Book

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Friend of Strangers – Word document

Friend of Strangers – Book Cover


  1. Open Logos Bible Software
  2. Go to Tools > Personal Books
  3. Click Add book
  4. Title: Friend of Strangers
  5. Author: Christian Mölk
  6. Copyright message and Description: Christian Mölk
  7. Type: Monograph.
  8. Language: English
  9. Add a cover image: Click Change… under the blank book cover and choose the above Book Cover file from your hard disk.
  10. Click Add file… and select the above downloaded .docx file from your hard disk.
  11. Click Build book
  12. In the panel menu of the newly compiled book, click the three dots in the upper left corner. Click “Link set: A” to link Friend of Strangers with your other books and Bibles linked to “A”.

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