1 Sam 1:19-28 – Hannah Receives Samuel and Gives Him to the Lord

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1Sam 1:20

  1. From something small, something great can be born.
    1. Hannah could not have children, but she turned to God and her prayer was answered.
    2. Do you have a grief or a problem?
      1. Leave your problem to God.
      2. Then God will bless you.
  2. The name Samuel means “heard by God”.

1Sam 1:22

  1. Hannah stands by her promise to God and intends to raise Samuel with Eli the priest.
  2. In Israel at this time, it was routine to breastfeed the child until they were three years old (2 Macc 7:27).

1Sam 1:23

  1. Here Elkanah sets a spiritual example when he gives very good advice to Hannah.
    1. Elkanah himself had not experienced God in the same way as Hannah, but he understood that she had.
    2. Elkanah does not try to control Hannah’s decision to give away Samuel, who is after all also Elkanah’s child. Elkanah bows to God’s will, even though he himself had not heard God’s voice but must trust that Hannah knows what she is doing.

1Sam 1:28

  1. Elkanah’s family had the habit of worshipping the Lord. In positive, as well as in negative, they worshipped the Lord.
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